English /Romanian/ Russian translation As the world celebrated 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Moldovan artist Tatiana Fiodorova filed an official complaint to ARTE.TV. In early October, ARTE published the… Continue reading

performance” Moldova. The best building in the world” at the opening exhibition “Transfer: Art and Politics in Appropriate Hands”, Casa Artelor , Timisoara, Romania

Continue to show my disagreement with the vision of the French author of the film “Moldova. The ugliest building in the world.” intervention , performance at the opening exhibition “Transfer: Art and Politics… Continue reading

Artist’talk at n-ost media conference 2019 at Chisinau and about french film” MOldova. The ugliest building in the world.”

  Topic was “Moldova through the eyes of artists ” speaking about my artist’s books, my atitide with jurnalism and new scandal film Moldova.The uglest building in the world.”, where I was main… Continue reading

 artist’s book “IN search of the social body of Soviet artist (2012)” at Art Encounters Biennial 2019, Timisoara Romania

Artist’s talk at Art Encounters Biennial 2019 in the frame of Independent Publishing Platform artist’s book “IN search of the social body of Soviet artist (2012)” at Independent Publishing Platform in the frame… Continue reading

Artist talk at Kunstforum, Darmstandt, Germany 2019

Artist talk at Kunstforum, Darmstandt, Germany 2019, thanks to Julia Reichelt, director of Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt ARTIST TALK: TATIANA FIODOROVA Dr. Beate Kemfert (Director Opelvillen Rüsselsheim) and Tatiana Fiodorova Artist Talk with… Continue reading

Project “New Woman” at Baku MOMA Museum of Modern Art in the frame of international festival “Maiden Tower. To Be a Woman”.

    New project “New Woman” was shown in international Festival of Contemporary Art “MAIDEN TOWER. To Be a Woman. The Festival topic is linked with the 100th anniversary of the liberation of… Continue reading

On Curating: Social Curating and Its Public, 01 issue # 18/13

Identification as Alarm

  by Róna Kopeczky The performance pieces of the Moldovan Tatiana Fiodorova act as a metaphor for the transition of the USSR and its people to the new European realities and standards. Within… Continue reading

Artist talk with Fiodorova Tatiana  at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

Artist talk with Fiodorova Tatiana  at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow 27 June 2019 19.00 ArtLitfund Tatiana Fiodorova  works as a performer and multimedia artist, creates artist’s books working with questions of… Continue reading

performance “I AM NOT TOILET PAPER” by Tatiana Fiodorova at Venice biennale 2019

  Focusing more specifically on the place and presence – or rather the absence – of Moldovan art in the contemporary discourses and events, Tatiana Fiodorova reacted to the misrepresentation of Moldova at… Continue reading