Art residency in Transnistria and group exhibition “Culture/ /Future of the Neighborhoods”, Zpatiu, Chisinau

7pm opening of the exhibition “Culture/ /Future of the Neighborhoods” Zpatiu, Chisinau 23 May-15 June 2018 The Opening of the “Culture/ /Future of the Neighborhoods” exhibition, will showcase the works the artists participating… Continue reading

Art residency in Gellerup, Aarhus and solo exhibition”Only I know how we survived”, Denmark

  UDSTILLING / EXHIBITION Room for Improved Futures – How to make life livable? ” 2/3 Tatiana Fiodorova (Moldova) Maj Hasager (Denmark) 23 March – 13 April 2018, rum 46, Aarhus, Denmark * Only… Continue reading

“Soviet passport” in Manifest Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

project “Soviet passport” was presented in Manifest Gallery, Bucharest, Romania curatorial initiative of Claudiu Cobilanschi & guests ENG: comes to you today, in this folded format taken by the press-poster saved… Continue reading

Жена художника современного искусства ценит свободу творчества/ о выставке «Феминистская (арт) критика», Минск 2014

Татьяна Федорова (Кишинев) «Фабрика “Красная Звезда”», 2014 Щемящим исследованием женского труда в позднесоветское и постсоветское время является работа Татьяны Федоровой из Молдовы «Фабрика “Красная Звезда”». Это книга, артбук, об известнейшей швейной фабрике, основанной… Continue reading

TATIANA FEDOROVA. AN ARTIST CAN’T STAY CLEAN IN A DIRTY WORLD. ON HERSELF AND PERFORMANCE IN MOLDOVA Presentation moldavian performance in the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow.(NCCA) 2015

  Tatyana Fedorova. Performance “I want to London.” Courtesy of the author Program: [Creative Workshops] Public talk 28.10.2015, 19:30 Wednesday Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall Tatiana Fedorova is one… Continue reading

Danube Dialog Festival 2016, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad

  DD2016 // ART & GLOBAL INSECURITY EXHIBITIONS OPENINGS & LOCATIONS Monday,  August 29th 2016,  Novi Sad 18:00 – 20:00 Slovenia: Uroš Weinberger Bel Art Gallery, Mihajla Pupina Bulvd. 17 Montenegro: Milena Jovičević… Continue reading

ContraCultura cu Vitalie Sprînceană /02.12.2017/ Arta Contemporana din Moldova Invitată: artista vizuală Tatiana Fiodorova

Artist talk in the frame of the exhibition POST REAL, Chisinau

Social and political realities from Moldova shaping the way we celebrate 22-26 December 2017 College A. Plamadeala Moldova is a country with identity crisis, a gradually shrinking population, where the centralization of information… Continue reading

The Imaginary Republic Presentations and works by Tatiana Fiodorova and Brandon LaBelle, Bergen, Norway

  The Imaginary Republic Presentations and works by Tatiana Fiodorova and Brandon LaBelleRough Seminar #1: The Utopia listening session / When a book becomes a message Monday, October 9, 2017 / 6:30pm –… Continue reading

Mobile Biennale 2017. The Tour of Moldavia in 7 days

  Authors of the project: Adrian Bojenoiu, Alexandru Niculescu The Centre for contemporary art Club Electroputere launches the edition 2017 of the Mobile Biennale (TM7D). Participants: Dan Acostioaei, Silvia Amancei, Bogdan Armanu, Matei… Continue reading